Why are calvinists so unbiblical, uneducated and unscholarly?
Calvinists make such a song and dance about how biblical, how educated, how scholarly they are, yet fail to tick any of those boxes in real life! I have openly attacked calvinist doctrines as heresies against the truth of the Bible, yet not one has been able to be sufficiently biblical, scholarly and educated in their disagreements with my comments.

Calvinist heresy using John 3:3
Calvinists have many times informed me that John 3:3 clearly teaches that one must be born again before one may have faith in Christ (or equivalent wording). So let’s put the calvinists to the test (according to 1 Thessalonians 5:21) to see if their teachings are biblical or not. After all, they claim sola scriptura (the Bible alone). If this is true, then they should be, of all people, outstandingly biblically correct. However, if they can be shown to be deceptive or non-scriptural, then they must be deemed to be opposed to sola scriptura (the Bible alone). On this test they will stand or fall today!

New calvinist church discipline favours  criminals over victims
I have written before concerning the unjust discipline many new calvinist churches hand out via their Biblical Counselling program. In too many situations the victim becomes labelled as the offender merely because the criminal has confessed, and been restored to fellowship by the church,often overruling the rights of the victim.

Typical calvinist behaviour
When calvinists are seriously challenged to demonstrate their truths from the Bible, like the cowards that so many bullies are, they will turn away and avoid having to be confronted by you. They may even commit acts of violence like trying to crash a website merely because they have no other way of opposing it. And they hate having to use the Bible if it means their heresies will be exposed!

A repeat of “Calvinisms” below. These reveal the shocking truth concerning the calvinist doctrine of demons. A must-read for any Christian who is being challenged by calvinists to believe them because they claim to be so scriptural. Yet, why do calvinists avoid the Bible so much when challenged like this?

Beware of calvinists seeking common ground
Calvinists can only really effectively teach their lies if they have established some measure of credibility, generally through the formation of common ground areas of agreement. Their lies cannot make sense unless attached to some truth that you have already agreed to. They will then agree to that truth of yours before building their lies upon it. This is calvinist tactics at their most devious.

Spiritual warfare
Since we put our post “Calvinisms” online, we have apparently suffered a lot of efforts to crash or otherwise act violently against our site. Of course, violence is the last refuge of the incompetent, but the incompetent carrying out the equivalent of online road rage can and do still hurt others. However, Christians should not fear him who can hurt the physical body, but instead fear Him who can cast both body and soul into hell.

Is the Karl Faase gospel a rehash of the corrupt Lausanne gospel?
Research suggests that Karl Faase (of Olive Tree Media) teaches a non-biblical gospel based upon the politically-correct social false gospel of the Lausanne Movement (ecumenicalism as per the World Council of Churches). This should be checked out thoroughly before touching any of his materials, such as Jesus the Game Changer.

So who are the cowards?
In recent days this website has been hacked fairly consistently now, so far without any success. Such people never attack if they think they themselves might get hurt; they are chickens in every sense of the word. They also run and hide before they can be discovered; this demonstrates their fear of retaliation. Like cowards they fight from cover because they fear the consequences if they become known to their opposition.

Just another day at the office!
So this website seems to be attracting some attention from people who do not wish it to say such nice things about their beliefs? I say some lovely home-truths about calvinism and they want to hack my site? Well, it does confirm one thing: that some people just do not appreciate my writings. As the saying goes, violence is the last resort (or refuge) of the incompetent.

The heresies of the church today
Too many churches today prefer the poisonous teachings of heretics (such as Todd Friel, Paul Tripp and Gary Thomas) rather than feeding their congregations on good wholesome scriptural food. And too many pastors are failing their flocks due to incompetence, greed or possibly being heretics themselves.

A quick look at some of the teachings that calvinists don’t want you to know too much about. They prefer to be seen as being acceptable to fundamentalist believers, thus hiding or covering up some of their more illogical or non-biblical teachings.

A guide to the navigation and use of this website
A guide to comments, posts, teachings and sermons to be found on this website.

Romans 9 proves the heresy of calvinism
Calvinists will oh-so-often thrust this chapter in your face as if it is the holy grail of calvinism, the definitive answer to all objections! But, because calvinists do not believe in the Bible alone (that is, they do not believe in sola scriptura), they are forced to either have to admit their heresies, or manipulate the Bible so that it appears to support those heresies. If the people they are talking to do not have a firm grasp of the Bible and its truths, then some passages are relatively easy for them to manipulate in order to present their lies cleverly disguised as the truth. (It’s called deception, the favourite trick of satan. After all, satan is the father of lies, so why be so surprised that his servants should also practice lies and deception?)

When does the whole world mean only Christians?
Answer: When calvinists make the rules! Calvinists believe that “the whole world” in 1 John 2:2 means only the calvinist elect (those whom their God has selected to go to heaven). 1 John 2:2And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for [the sins of] the whole world. Because calvinists believe that only those chosen by their God can go to heaven, then those whom their God does not choose cannot ever go to heaven, and therefore it was pointless to die for their sins.

How may one be saved without praying?
(Unless like calvinists, you believe that God alone may choose whether or not you are saved!) Calvinists hate the sinners’ prayer, claiming that it disposes of repentance and faith, yet how may one call upon the name of the Lord to be saved without praying?

Just exactly what is the calvinist gospel?
A lot of allegedly Christian religious groups have what seems to be an on-the-ball biblical gospel. But it is how the converts to that gospel are counted or recorded that defines the actual gospel being preached. No matter what you preach to the alleged lost, it’s how you assess your results that defines your gospel!

Calvinism is incompatible with Biblical doctrine
Biblical Christians and calvinists just cannot both be right. Their doctrines are too incompatible. Biblical Christianity and calvinism cannot mix without much compromise.

Oh how calvinists twist and pervert the Bible!
Why do calvinists have to rewrite verses before they may clearly support their heresies? If the Bible cannot support their doctrines without twisting or rewriting verses, then how can their doctrines be true?

Is choosing to be saved a work of salvation? God says, “No!”
If God requires that we call upon the name of the Lord to be saved, then that’s what we must do. And if God says salvation is a gift, then there is nothing that man can do to add to or take away from the perfection of that gift.

Oh, the persistent inconsistencies of calvinists! (on John 10:24-28)
How can calvinists teach that the sheep who follow Jesus in John 10:27 are His elect, when John 1:11 says that He came to His own and His own received Him not? Are His own not His sheep? Can God have His own who are not His elect? Oh my, most confusing indeed! But then, what may one expect from those inconsistent calvinists!

Evolution – hypothesis, not theory!
So, if God could create the universe, why do they deny it in favour of evolution? The answer is that they ask the wrong question. Instead of “Could God have created ….?? they instead ask “Did God create ….?” They admit that God could have created, yet say that science proves that He didn’t. But does science actually prove this to be so?

So why did I start this website? Part 4
So, summarising 3 posts of explanation so far, the reason why I started this website was to have some way of warning Christians of the dangers of calvinism. ….after finding no clear means of warning God’s people locally, we decided to broadcast our warnings to the wider community via the internet. 

So why did I start this website? Part 3
As mentioned in the previous 2 posts, I had a strong desire to protect local churches from the ravages of calvinist heresies. …the way that GraceWest had seemingly manipulated the situation in order to impose some significant influence over Living Springs appeared to be sneaky and covert. 

So why did I start this website? Part 2
So, if you read my last post, you’ll understand why I have a bit of a problem with the lies of calvinism. It’s this false teaching which is destroying the truth in our local fundamentalist biblical churches.

So why did I start this website? Part 1
What was it that prompted me to start all my researching and recording of calvinist doctrines in an effort to understand implicitly their lies and their weaknesses? It was because good local churches were being destroyed by the heresies of calvinism, and genuine Christians were being deceived by their calvinist deviousness.

Eternal security? or Can you lose your salvation? Part 3
I draw my conclusions concerning eternal security versus loss of salvation. Is it possible to feel secure in your salvation?

Eternal security? or Can you lose your salvation? Part 2
In this document I’ll look at the case for being able to lose your salvation.

Eternal security? or Can you lose your salvation? Part 1
This is a hotly-contested issue upon which many will take sides largely based upon what they have been taught to believe. Firstly I’ll look at verses and passages which support the assurance of eternal salvation.

Piper says holy God ordains unholy acts of sin
Let’s have a look at his reply to a question on whether or not God ordains sin. Unless otherwise stated, I will quote from Piper’s “Does sin have a necessary place in God’s plan for the universe”. (In other words, Piper says that God’s plan for the universe is imperfect without sin! That is, sin perfects all things? Sin puts the finishing touch on God’s creation?)

Calvinists teach that their God is the only wilful sinner in the universe!
By denying the free will of mankind, calvinists have created a monster problem that just cannot be hid under the carpet: that if the calvinist God has the only free will in the universe, then he is responsible for everything that exists, including sin and evil.

The living-dead calvinist zombies – as taught by Calvin
Calvinism has 3 groups: the living (the elect), the dead (the non-elect), and the living-dead (the living non-elect). It must be true; Calvin taught it to be so. For further information, please read on.

Is it true that only calvinists can be saved?
Well, if you were to ask a calvinist, and he were to be completely truthful, then he would have to answer, “Yes!” Christians see the lost world as their mission field; calvinists see non-calvinist “non-regenerate” “Christians” attending churches as their mission field! Christians go out into all the world to preach the gospel. Calvinists go into all the churches to preach their gospel!

Final reply to a calvinist who just won’t listen
Why don’t calvinists answer my questions? Because they avoid questions that they cannot answer scripturally. Instead, they ignore my questions and ramble on about their own proofs. They just cannot stand up to honest criticism.

Free will proves calvinist doctrine to be false
If man has a free will to choose or reject salvation (as the Bible teaches), then all calvinist doctrines fall like a house of cards.

So you think free will isn’t in the Bible?
You might think that, but where does the Bible say it? In fact, the Bible does teach free will, no matter how hard those calvinists protest otherwise!

Calvinism – the losing debating team!
Why do calvinists exhibit such poor logic and reasoning when trying to debate their doctrines?

Do calvinists ever listen to others?
Do calvinists actually read what non-calvinists write before condemning them as less spiritual?

I reply to a calvinist on the free will of man
A calvinist tries to persuade me that free-will is nonsense because Spurgeon said so (of course without any Biblical support for such in any way). Spurgeon also says that a man has eternal life in some sense before he comes to Christ for eternal life. I ask lots of questions which I don’t think the calvinist can answer Biblically.

Can you have eternal life before you have eternal life?
Spurgeon taught that you had eternal life before you came to Christ to receive eternal life.

Truth and logic rule! Calvinists don’t!
Very few calvinists actually attempt to defend from Biblical grounds, and not one of those (that I have seen) has ever succeeded in demonstrating logically and truthfully their point of view from the Bible.

Why do Christians treat calvinists as brothers in Christ?
Why should genuine Christians fellowship with calvinists if they persist in their satanic doctrines?

When will calvinists become Biblical?
When will calvinists use the Bible alone (Sola Scriptura) to demonstrate their teachings? When will they quote the Bible rather than their calvinist heroes?

Does Everyone who Reads, Agree?
So, here’s the challenge: can any calvinist actually demonstrate to me, by the use of the Bible alone, and without referring to Calvin or any other of their “learned teachers”, any of my writings that are not Scripturally correct?

The Seventh Day Adventist Connection to New Calvinism
It is necessary to demonstrate the extent to which the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) teaching on daily justification has influenced the development of new calvinism.

New Calvinism is Biblical Counselling
Both new calvinism and Biblical Counselling were developed into what they are today from their combined beginnings in the 1970s at Westminster Theological Seminary (USA). One is not separate from the other; each one is an integral part of the other.

Biblical Counselling as an Aid to Control the Church
Like the catholic confessional before it, Biblical counselling is being used today to control the church. The church then becomes the administrator of the grace of God which can only be dispensed to those whom the church deems forgiven and restored.

The New Calvinism Gospel
New calvinism is different from traditional calvinism, and, in particular, that includes its gospel. New calvinism is becoming, or is already, the dominant viewpoint of calvinism today. But few people realise that it was founded upon a fusion of Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) and calvinist beliefs, and that a Seventh Day Adventist with calvinist leanings named Robert Brinsmead was largely responsible for kick-starting what we call new calvinism today.

Local Fundamentalist Pastor Heresy
Just because your church might claim to be fundamentalist doesn’t mean that it is. Many calvinist churches claim this and yet they are far from being fundamentalist.

Calvinism is the non-gospel
The calvinist gospel is not the gospel of the Bible. In fact, it denies the truth of the Biblical gospel.

John 6:44 – Does it really prove calvinist teachings?
Calvinists claim this verse proves lack of free will, yet to conclude so has to rest upon an assumption that there is no free will in the first place. This is unacceptable circular logic.

The False Calvinist Gospel blog
Calvinists claim that calvinism is the gospel, yet not one person will ever be won for Christ by the preaching of the calvinist gospel alone.

Is MacArthur a Freemason?
Here is compelling evidence that demonstrates the true nature of MacArthur’s claimed spiritual harvest from his freemason great grandfather.

Potential Vs Actual Salvation? What’s the Difference?
MacArthur claims that atonement for all mankind means only a potential salvation and not actual, but is “potential” ever any less than “actual”? Is a potential killer any less of a killer because he is only potential?

Spurgeon was no genuine calvinist!
Spurgeon was a man driven by the need to be reassured of his position in the largely calvinist religious society of his day. Many of his teachings border on non-calvinism, yet he claims calvinism to be the gospel.

Calvinists born again before they are saved
Why do calvinists teach that a man must be born again before he is able to believe in Christ? What happens if a person dies after being born again, yet before he hears the gospel of Christ and believes?