List of my documents on the heresies of calvinism

The Foreknowledge of Sovereign God

The Heresy of Calvinism Refuted Part 1

The Heresy of Calvinism Refuted Part 2

The Heresy of Todd Friel

Paul Tripp – Heretic or Tare?

Gary Thomas – New Age teacher

The Big Lie of the Calvinists

The Free Will of Man

MacArthur is Wrong

MacArthur is Wrong – Again!

MacArthur Teaches Works Salvation

Favourite Calvinist Defence Tactics

Does the calvinist God have a dual personality?

Foreknowledge and Free Will

The False Calvinist Gospel

Calvinist Jealousy of Israel and the Church

Calvinism is a Counterfeit Christian Cult

Calvin says Sinners’ Prayer not a Work of Salvation

Calvinists deny God His Full Sovereignty

What is True Biblical Fundamentalism?

Calvinism and Biblical Interpretation

The Oxymorons of Calvinist Doctrine

The Calvinist God created most of Mankind for torment in Hell

Biblical Counselling & new calvinism today

New calvinist church counselling, discipline and control

The Gospel of New Calvinism

Calvinist proof verses

1 John 2:2

Acts 13:48

Isaiah 53:6

John 6:37-40

John 6:44

Matthew 1:21

Matthew 20:28; 26:28; Romans 5:15

Romans 8:29

John 10:27 (Oh, the persistent inconsistent calvinists!)

Acts 2:23 (MacArthur is Wrong)

Romans 5:15, 18 (MacArthur is Wrong – Again!)