Website conditions for the Comments page

Please note that as so very few comments genuinely keep their discussions to what I have actually written, then they won’t be recorded here. Your comment may be either positive or negative, but if it is simply a way of using my website to present your own views, then I won’t publish it. This is not a public forum.

If you wish to make a comment on, or query, what I have written, please follow this link. Comments and contact page. Please state clearly my words including the document title. Keep your comment biblical (sola scriptura). Comments not directly related to any of my statements will not be published. Your email address and website details will not be printed. If you quote Bible verses, please use public domain versions such as the KJV. Bible verses will only be printed where they are considered relevant to your discussion. Please use Bible verses as support for your comments in the same way as many church statements of faith have their doctrines stated with supporting Bible verse references in brackets. For the sake of conciseness of comments, please only directly quote verses when necessary. Say what you think and put reference verses in brackets to support your views.

If you disagree with what I’ve written, please tell me clearly where the problem is (by quoting what I’ve said) and reasons (especially biblical) why you disagree. Likewise, if you agree with me, also please let me know clearly what it is that you agree with. Genuine comments are always appreciated, yet so many are simply attacking without any clear indication of what their points really are. I will reply to all genuine comments where possible.

At times, small insignificant comments have been sent in with advertising seemingly attached to their addresses. I do not print such comments. Only those comments that have direct application to the material on this website will be printed. Please, when making a comment, clearly explain the reason for your comment. If it is something I have written, then please quote me that part (and the document in which it is found) which you wish to draw my attention to. I cannot effectively reply nor help without a suitable reference point to look at.