Is your church teaching the truth?

Hi all. Just wanted to clarify that the aim of the website is to provide truth to Christians and non-Christians. Whilst the aim of a Christian may be to spread the gospel, I can see that many in these end times do not realise that when the gospel is changed to suit someone’s pre-conceived ideas, the recipient does not receive 100% truth. The gospel is, in effect, then watered down. To understand my point we only need to look at some of the offshoots of Christianity such as seventh day adventism or Jehovah’s witnesses or mormonism and you see clearly how the gospel was mixed with other works based beliefs.

In effect, all the groups I mention above preach a form of the gospel, however with their own non-biblical gospel. A false gospel is being presented. You might say ‘hey that isn’t us, we are a fundamental bible believing Christian church’. Don’t think for a moment that Satan isn’t constantly trying to water down the gospel in your church. And don’t think for a moment that you can stand alone against satan. You can’t. You can only do all things through Christ who strengthens you. If your church introduces studies that are from a book other than the Bible (such as JW’s do with their watch-tower publications), then your church is in danger of being influenced by those human authors and their beliefs.

Also understand that even your pastor is only a man. So one should always test all things. When your pastor is up the front on Sunday morning and provides a wonderful sermon, go away and test what he has said. I am not saying to undermine your pastor’s authority as called to that position; no, I am saying go and test the things he has said as per Acts 17:11. Same goes for if your church wants to use materials in Sunday school or cell groups, etc, then before starting on those studies, test them. Check what does the author actually believe? Have they possibly added their own beliefs that are not in line with the Bible?