“rainbowtoken.com” the false cult of “The Church of Almighty God”

“rainbowtoken.com” (the false cult of “The Church of Almighty God”)

Beware of the lies and deceptions of this satanic cult!
I was asked recently about what I knew about a secretive religious cult who run a website called www.rainbowtoken.com. So I did some research, and uncovered a large number of dangerous heresies of this secretive chinese cult. To keep this report short, I will focus on just some of their false teachings.

1/. They do not have a clear statement of beliefs
Their website does not have any clear statement of faith (a listing of what they believe) or doctrinal statement (their doctrines defined generally in point form). This alone is enough to set alarm bells ringing, for any site that refuses to say clearly what they believe always has something to hide. And they do have a lot to hide!

2/. They teach that the biblical gospel cannot save man
And so, if you only understand the Bible, and understand nothing of the work God intends to do today, and if you believe in God but do not seek the work of the Holy Spirit, then you do not understand what it means to seek God. …. From the word of Almighty God we can see that the Bible is just a historical record of God’s past work and cannot save man.” (https://www.rainbowtoken.com/the-truths-in-the-bible.html)

3/. They teach that salvation is only through belonging to the Church of Philadelphia.
Only by belonging to their church may you be kept from God’s judgments.
Nowadays, disasters are everywhere, and only by finding the church of Philadelphia will we be able to be raptured up before the throne of God before the great disasters arrive.” (https://www.rainbowtoken.com/church-of-philadelphia.html)

4/. Their God’s new name is “Almighty God”
The Bible says “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13).
They say that no longer is Jesus the name of the Lord that we must call upon.
“My new name” clearly refers to the Lord having a new name when He returns, and since He has a new name, He cannot be called “Jesus” again—this is for certain. Therefore, that which the people of the church of Philadelphia pray to and call on will not be the name “Jesus,” but rather it will be God’s name in the new age. …. We can therefore be certain that the name “Almighty God” is indeed God’s new name(https://www.rainbowtoken.com/church-of-philadelphia.html)

5/. Their cult is really called the Church of Almighty God
So their church is no longer the Church of Jesus Christ, but the Church of Almighty God!
Actually, the church of Philadelphia has arisen already, and it is Eastern Lightning that everyone has heard about—it is The Church of Almighty God.(https://www.rainbowtoken.com/church-of-philadelphia.html)

6/. The “Church of Almighty God” was started by Zhao Weishan in 1991
Zhao Weishan commenced this church in 1991, proclaiming that Christ had returned to earth in the form of a chinese woman, Yang Xiangbin.
In 1986, Zhao was a member of a Christian house church, and in 1987 he was baptized into a branch of The Shouters which venerated their leader Witness Lee as “Lord Changshou”. Zhao rose to a leadership position within the group and, according to Chinese governmental sources, preached that he was himself the “Lord of Ability.”” (Wikipedia)

7/. Yang Xiangbin was the second coming of Jesus Christ
In 1992, Yang’s revelations propagated by Zhao announced that Yang herself was more than a prophetic voice; in fact, she was the second coming of Jesus Christ on earth and the incarnated Almighty God. Since then, Yang was referred to as “he” rather than “she,” as she was in fact regarded as Jesus Christ.” (Wikipedia)
Yang is sometimes known as “Deng”. Reports strongly suggest that she is the lover of her alleged high priest, Zhao Weishan.

8/. Yang Xiangbin is worshipped as “Almighty God”
Yang Xiangbin is declared to be the Almighty God himself.
Eastern Lightning holds that Jesus has returned as a Chinese woman, worshiped by the sect as Almighty God, hence its official name.” (Wikipedia)

9/. Yang Xiangbin’s words are considered the words of God Almighty
Her words are taught as the words of Almighty God himself. In the following she is named as “Almighty God”.
With respect to this point, let us read a passage of Almighty God’s words, “I was once known as Jehovah. I was also called the Messiah, and people once called Me Jesus the Savior with love and esteem. Today, however, I am no longer the Jehovah or Jesus that people knew in times past; I am the God who has returned in the last days, the God who shall bring the age to an end.” (https://www.rainbowtoken.com/church-of-philadelphia.html)
Like most cults, her words have become the official word of their god, overruling the Bible itself.

10/. The Church of Almighty God is also known as Eastern Lightning
This is based upon Matthew 24:27 (For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.) Thus, if Yang is the returned Christ, then she must have come from the east, therefore her worshippers belong to Eastern Lightning.

11/. rainbowtoken.com also claims to be Eastern Lightning and the Church of Almighty God
Only by finding the church of Philadelphia can we be raptured before the great disasters. So where exactly is the church of Philadelphia? Actually, the church of Philadelphia has arisen already, and it is Eastern Lightning that everyone has heard about—it is The Church of Almighty God.(https://www.rainbowtoken.com/church-of-philadelphia.html)

12/. rainbowtoken.com is therefore the cult of “The Almighty God” church
So, even though they try hard to hide this fact, rainbowtoken.com is actually just another name for the Church of Almighty God which teaches that God has returned in the flesh in the form of a chinese woman who now speaks “God’s word” as the new revelation of “Almighty God”. Its teachings are (by its own admission) not biblical, but instead they have produced their own false bible with its false teachings.

The very fact that they do not broadcast the real truth of their false teachings up front (that they are, in fact, an unbiblical chinese cult worshipping a woman who claims to be God in the flesh) is deceptive indeed. Deception is not (and never should be) a trait of the genuine biblical Christian.

So Christians, beware having anything to do with this unbiblical cult. Do not soil your lives with this heresy. Their teachings are from satan their master and have nothing to do with the one true God of the Bible. Anyone who claims to have an extra-biblical revelation of God, or Jesus Christ, must immediately be declared a cult with false teachings.


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