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(And the challenge to calvinists, as always, is to prove me wrong, or accept what I say. So far the silence from calvinists has been deafening. They will tell me I’m wrong but completely fail to properly support their debate in any way.)

1/. The calvinist gospel in a nutshell.

The calvinist gospel is very simple to explain. The calvinist God has chosen (from the beginning) a small group (his elect) for heaven and the rest (most of the world) for eternal condemnation. Where you go when you die was determined by the calvinist God from the beginning of time without any regard to anything you might do, whether good or bad. You have no choice in the matter and can do nothing to influence the calvinist God. This is the calvinist gospel in a nutshell. You are either going to heaven or you’re going to hell; one or the other is your destiny and you will go where the calvinist God tells you to go. And he decided who would be on each list from the beginning; you literally have no say in the matter! Like a dictator (see point 9 below), the calvinist God’s will is the only will in the universe.

The calvinist Jesus only died for the sins of the ones chosen to go to heaven. Not one of the rest can ever be forgiven even if they wanted to be, for no-one died for any of their sins. The calvinist God didn’t intend saving them. The biblical gospel is irrelevant to those heading to hell for they can never be forgiven anyway, ever. And the chosen ones of God (the elect) can only respond to the biblical gospel of faith in Christ after they have been born again (regenerated). Thus, according to calvinist teaching, the biblical gospel cannot save any of those chosen to go to hell, and can only save those chosen for heaven after they have been born again.

2/. Calvinists teach universal salvation.

Calvinists love to teach that, according to John 6:44, all whom the Father calls (draws) will come in faith and go to heaven. But John 12:32 says that Jesus drew all (all mankind) to Himself on the cross, which means that all may come if they choose to do so, yet many do not come. Therefore, either all must come in faith (which they don’t), or there must be free will to resist the calling and drawing of God. Calvinists claim that John 6:44 proves their unconditional election, saying that all whom God draws will come in faith, yet that can only be true if man has no free will to resist God’s drawing. Also, if all are drawn, then all must come if there is no free will. So, without free will, calvinists have locked themselves into a universalist salvation logic. Please think carefully on this!

3/. Calvinists teach that God’s elect have eternal life before they can come to Christ to receive eternal life.

Calvinists teach that we must be born again with life from the Holy Spirit before we may respond to God in any way. Then why is there any need to come to Christ for eternal life if they already have eternal life?
John 5:39-4039Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. 40And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.
Why bother coming for life if you already have life before you can come?

4/. The calvinist God cannot be eternal.

Calvinists love to mock those who teach (quite correctly, of course) that God uses foreknowledge to determine His elect. (The Bible does teach clearly that God’s elect people are chosen according to His foreknowledge of future decisions as per 1 Peter 1:2aElect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father. Thus it is an election conditional upon God’s foreknowledge.) Calvinists picture this foreknowledge as God peering (or looking) through the corridors of time (or history) in order to see the future which they picture as being quite distant. But, if God is eternal, He has no need to peer through any corridors of time. The God of the Bible is outside time, not bound by time in any way. Any who picture God as peering through corridors of time are depicting their God to be merely temporal, bound by time, not eternal.

Because God is eternal, He can see the end at the same time as the beginning. God is the I AM, as also is Jesus; Before Abraham was, I AM. (John 8:58). God doesn’t just know what is going to happen in the future; He is already in the future, and the past, and the present, all simultaneously. In fact, in the same way that God exists at all places in the universe simultaneously, God exists at all points along the timeline from the beginning of time to the end of time, all simultaneously. This is the definition of eternalness: that one who is eternal must not be bound nor limited by time in any way or at any time. Even when Jesus came to earth and people therefore say He existed at a particular point in time, He also made it clear that this was not so, that He in fact existed before Abraham was born simultaneously with His time on earth as a man. Thus, “before Abraham was, I AM”.

Therefore God can make promises that will come to pass because he can see them come to pass at the same time that He promises them. And God, from the beginning of time, can observe all future decisions made by man throughout all time, at all times, simultaneously. Think about this carefully!

Calvin said it was futile (vain) to discuss God’s foreknowledge (or prescience) because he knew all things merely because he had already decreed everything. If God merely foresaw human events, and did not also arrange and dispose of them at his pleasure, there might be room for agitating the question, how far his foreknowledge amounts to necessity; but since he foresees the things which are to happen, simply because he has decreed that they are so to happen, it is vain to debate about prescience (= foreknowledge), while it is clear that all events take place by his sovereign appointment. (Institutes, Book III Chapter 23 Section 6)

And Boettner in “The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination” (Page 30) says: Common sense tells us that no event can be foreknown unless by some means, either physical or mental, it has been predetermined. That is, unless the calvinist God predetermines future events, then he cannot know those future events until they happen. Clearly Boettner’s God isn’t eternal! It seems that calvinists deny foreknowledge because their God is unable to foreknow things unless he has already decreed that they should happen!

This is at the very least making mockery of the God of the Bible, for they make it impossible for Him to know the future except by peering through the corridors of time, or decreeing everything totally from the beginning. Such a God is not eternal but temporal; that is, bound by time.

5/. Calvinist salvation is not a gift of God.

While the Bible says clearly that salvation is a gift of God, calvinists teach that if you choose to receive this gift, then that is a work of your salvation. However, a gift is only a gift if it is willingly received (that is, an act of the will) or else it becomes a requirement or an imposition. The calvinist God requires that those whom he has chosen must receive the “gift” (they cannot refuse it) and those whom he has not chosen for salvation cannot receive the “gift”. Thus the calvinist God imposes his “gift” upon a select group of people who are not permitted to refuse it. Thus the imposed calvinist salvation cannot be defined as a gift because gifts must be willingly received, and shouldn’t be imposed upon people without any option to refuse.

6/. Calvinists teach that if we willingly receive this gift of salvation, then that makes the gift imperfect.

However, receiving a gift can never alter the intrinsic value of that gift. A gift must be fully paid for before it may be offered as a gift. Just the receiving of a gift can never define that gift to be imperfect. This is illogical. However, calvinists do illogically teach that if we decide to accept the gift of salvation offered by God, then that is a work of that salvation and thus renders the salvation imperfect. Of course, if that “gift” is really an imposition (that is, thrust upon us without any choice), then we have no say in the matter, which is really what calvinism teaches anyway. They teach that God chooses who goes to heaven, and therefore chooses who goes to hell. You have no say in the matter, ever. This is the calvinist gospel in a nutshell, after all. If you are chosen for heaven, the calvinist God will impose salvation upon you. If you are not chosen for heaven (that is, most of the world), then the calvinist God has not provided any salvation options for you at all.

7/. The calvinist unconditional election is really a conditional election.

If the calvinist election is truly unconditional (as they try to claim), then why are there no converts among the heathen until the missionaries get there with the gospel? An unconditional election would not rely upon the preaching of the gospel. And why is there a greater percentage of calvinists among white Caucasians than any other racial group? That is, calvinism is most likely to be found among those who are most likely to hear the gospel preached.

Calvinists will then say that it is the gospel which the calvinist God uses to draw his people to himself, yet conveniently ignore the fact that this then imposes a condition, that the gospel must be preached in order to be chosen as God’s elect. But, how may the gospel preaching draw them if they cannot respond to God (and his gospel) until after they have been drawn to God and regenerated? Of course, the calvinist gospel is whether or not you have been chosen for heaven; this is all that counts in their teaching, and the biblical gospel of faith in Christ can only happen after you have been born again.

8/. Calvinism does not teach assurance of salvation.

Calvinists can never be sure they have been chosen by their God until the day they die. Calvinists teach the perseverance of the saints (or the elect), but can only be assured of salvation if they persevere to the end. As they say, it is not the words we say but the life we live that determines our entry into heaven. If your works fall away before the end, then they teach that you were never saved in the first place. Even Calvin taught that God gave a temporary faith to some, an inferior operation of the Spirit (Institutes Bk 3, Ch 2, Section 11). Such people could think they were saved, and others around them could also think they were saved, and yet the calvinist God never chose them for heaven. So a calvinist who thinks he is heading for heaven may actually fall away before the end, and then he is to be considered unsaved, in fact, never saved in the first place.

9/. The calvinist God is a dictator

The calvinists love to claim how sovereign their God is, yet they depict a God far from sovereign. Sovereignty has more to do with right to rule, while a dictatorship has more to do with rule by might. Sovereignty generally exhibits power and authority over a nation by right of position or descent, or by common vote, or by being chosen for the task. That which uses force to demand power and authority rarely, if ever, exhibits sovereignty of rule, especially if the ruler, being fearful of opposition, considers it necessary to continue to rule by might rather than by right.

A sovereign ruler may feel comfortable with permitting basic personal freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc, while a dictator is so afraid of an uprising against him that he quells all forms of personal freedom, effectively forbidding his subjects to demonstrate a will that is not totally in line with his own will. It is the dictatorship that forbids the free will in its subjects. In a dictatorship, only one will is permitted: the will of the ruler (which will be demanded by force if necessary). In a dictatorship, no-one has the freedom to choose whom they wish to serve. If anyone does demand freedom to choose, he is likely to quietly or otherwise “disappear”. Ask yourselves: why does the calvinist God refuse anyone the free will to choose this day whom they will serve.

But the God of the Bible is not a dictator, for He permits personal freedoms including the freedom to choose whom they will serve. Listen to Tozer’s wisdom here.
Here is my view: God sovereignly decreed that man should be free to exercise moral choice, and man from the beginning has fulfilled that decree by making his choice between good and evil. When he chooses to do evil, he does not thereby countervail the sovereign will of God but fulfills it, inasmuch as the eternal decree decided not which choice the man should make but that he should be free to make it. If in His absolute freedom God has willed to give man limited freedom, who is there to stay His hand or say, “What doest thou?” Man’s will is free because God is sovereign. A God less than sovereign could not bestow moral freedom upon His creatures. He would be afraid to do so. (“Knowledge of the Holy”, P 76)

And if all free will choices, both good and bad, are to be judged one day, then God’s sovereignty is total. A doctrine of no free will for man merely reduces absolutely sovereign God to a fearful dictator.

10/. The calvinist God is the only willful sinner in the universe.

This is a shocking heresy against holy God! But calvinists cannot deny that they clearly teach that their God’s will is the only will permitted in the whole universe. No other independent will may be permitted! Thus the calvinist God is the only one who can take responsibility for all sin and evil in the whole universe! Calvin said: But the objection is not yet resolved, that if all things are done by the will of God, and men contrive nothing except by His will and ordination, then God is the author of all evils. (“Concerning the Eternal Predestination of God”, Page 179) MacArthur wrote: Ultimately, we must concede that sin is something God meant to happen. He planned for it, ordained it – or, in the words of the Westminster Confession, He decreed it. (“The Vanishing Conscience & Hard to Believe” Page 113)

In fact, all calvinists, when forced to tell the plain truth, must confess that their God decreed (ordained, authored, created) all sin, all evil. They teach that man is unable to choose between good and evil, and therefore the calvinist God chooses for all mankind whether they will be good or evil. (This is the calvinist gospel in a nutshell, after all: that the calvinist God has chosen to send a small group to heaven and therefore has chosen to send the rest to hell. Man has absolutely no say in the matter because the calvinist God has given man no free will to choose between good and evil. The calvinist God therefore chooses some to be good (and go to heaven) and the rest he has chosen to be evil (and go to hell). You get no say in the matter because the calvinist God’s will is the only will permitted in the universe.

For further information, please go to Calvinists teach that their God is the only wilful sinner in the universe!

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If you wish to read other documents on the heresies of calvinism, please use this link.

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Beware of calvinists seeking common ground!

Beware of calvinists trying to find common ground

(And the next morning after posting this, another swathe of hit-run lockouts because once again they’ve tried hacking my login page. But we’ll just continue to proclaim the truth about calvinism while we can. Clearly some people (particularly calvinists) do not appreciate my expose of calvinism, and just as clearly I’ve hit some raw nerve of truth in their lies. If they were right, of course, I’d expect some quality Bible study to demonstrate my errors, but no, that appears to be out of their reach. These calvinists do not acknowledge sola scriptura – the Bible alone. So they resort to violence, the last refuge of the incompetent. May God open your eyes to His truth before it’s too late.)

My documentation says that a website alleged to be a scam and adult content business is involved in a number of these lockouts. If this is true (and it does appear to be so), then it certainly puts an interesting label on the alleged calvinist opposition that appears to be harassing our website. If calvinists are behind this lockout harassment, then they should know that this would identify them as anti-Christian, opposed to all biblical principles. No genuine Christian would ever stoop so low! They are welcome to comment on this using the proper channels of communication as presented on this website. And we praise God that we are considered worthy of the enemy’s opposition. To God alone be the glory!

Reading the Bible alone doesn’t produce calvinists. Calvin was probably the only calvinist who ever became a calvinist by reading the Bible, and yet even he acknowledges that it was Augustine’s teachings that greatly influenced his thinking. Calvinism is a false teaching that does not come naturally from the Bible; instead the Bible has to be interpreted according to Calvin’s (and Augustine’s) teachings before calvinism can be understood. It is an esoteric knowledge system, where those who are initiated into the belief system may understand things that the uninitiated cannot understand. And, those who are more qualified in the belief system may have the greater knowledge of the system. In this it is the same as freemasonry and kabbalah.

I have been told by one calvinist that your argument there does not stack up because you have misunderstood the theology of Calvinisim. So I need to understand calvinism before I can fully understand the Bible? I need to understand calvinist theology to be fully discerning? This in itself proves calvinism to be a lie! (For some of calvinism’s blatant heresies, see “Calvinisms”.)

Calvinism is not biblical; it actually denies much biblical truth including the most important biblical truth – the gospel of salvation for all mankind through freewill acceptance of the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. But the calvinist gospel won’t accept any freewill decision to accept God’s gift of salvation by faith. The calvinist gospel is quite different: the calvinist God has either chosen you for heaven or for hell, and you have absolutely no choice in the matter; end of story! That might be good for those chosen for heaven, but the calvinist God has chosen to send most of mankind to hell simply because he didn’t intend saving any of them.

As MacArthur says in “The Doctrine of Actual Atonement Part 1”: God did not intend to save everyone. He is God. He could have intended to save everyone. He could have saved everyone. He would have if that had been His intention. The atonement is limited. There you are folks. The calvinist God didn’t want to save everyone! Even though the God of the Bible says For this [is] good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. (1 Timothy 2:3-4) It’s funny how God wants all to be saved, yet according to calvinism God doesn’t intend saving most of them!

However, if calvinists taught their doctrines openly and honestly, on-the-ball evangelical Christians would never accept them as fellow-Christians. I mean, when’s the last time you heard a calvinist evangelist preaching to the lost and saying, “God did not intend saving most of you here. Jesus died for some of you and you are going to heaven anyway; the calvinist God will not take “No!” for an answer. The rest of you are going to hell. Your sins were never paid for! The calvinist God couldn’t save you even if he wanted to!”

Calvinists have a doctrine that is alien to the Bible, one that denies God’s salvation to the vast majority of mankind. And the calvinist God also does not offer any gift of salvation to anyone. He forces it upon a small number of people, and never made any such gift available for anyone else. (See “Calvinisms” for further information, plus many other documents on this website.)

If the calvinist taught the whole truth of calvinism, it would come across as heresy much like JW teachings are dismissed by Christians as unbiblical. For, like the JWs with the Watchtower Society, calvinists have a false doctrine that can only be explained satisfactorily by using Calvin’s teachings as a guide. All the cults have extra-biblical “revelations” that “explain” the “truths” of their heresies. The SDAs have the teachings of Ellen White, the Mormons have the writings of Joseph Smith, the JWs have their Watchtower Society, the Catholics have Augustine, and the calvinists have Calvin’s Institutes (which are based upon Augustine’s teachings anyway).

So why do so many Christians accept calvinism as an acceptable yet opposing way of believing biblical doctrines? It’s because calvinists will never start by telling you the whole truth concerning their false doctrines. Like tares among the wheat, they desire to be accepted by the Christians in the churches they infiltrate. And like tares they will tell you just enough for you to think they are Christians just like you. Like tares they will research the doctrines you hold strongly to and seek to find common ground upon which both you and they will agree. This is basic activity for tares, to find the common ground upon which you both agree, and then to use that common ground to stretch it a bit further and further toward eventual full agreement with their doctrines.

Tares are satan’s followers who infiltrate the church to destroy it from within. They are most effective when the church thinks they are genuine Christians. They will always build common ground of agreement and then seek to extend that common ground, always toward their heresies. Bit by bit, the common ground grows, and only the discerning Christian who tests all things has a hope of standing firm on scriptural high ground.
Ephesians 6:13Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
The only way to recognise tares is by their fruit. They can say what they want, but what they do will eventually reveal them. (See Matthew 13: 24-30 and 36-43)

Of course, not all who believe in calvinist doctrine are necessarily tares among the wheat. Many Christians hold the truth in high regard and merely need to test all things (as per 1 Thessalonians 5:21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.) in order to sift out the lies from the truth. Genuine Christians should use biblical truth to assess their beliefs.
It is those who do not hold fast to that which is true that are likely to be the tares. Such people are likely to see non-calvinists as lesser Christians, or even lost. They see those non-calvinist believers as a mission field, seeking to convert them to calvinist heresies. These calvinists see themselves as the only on-the-ball Christians around. This includes such as Al Mohler who says If you’re a theological minded, deeply convictional young evangelical, if you’re committed to the gospel and want to see the nations rejoice in the name of Christ, if you want to see gospel built and structured committed churches, your theology is just going end up basically being Reformed, basically something like this new Calvinism. http://www.newcalvinist.com/albert-mohler-and-hip-hop-culture/ That is, according to Mohler, only calvinists are fully right! But, if calvinism is a doctrine of devils, then Al Mohler is a tare among the wheat.

Jesus taught that these tares (sons of the wicked one) would be planted in the church among the Christians, and that they would often be hard to pick out from the real Christians. And because tares will be trying hard to look like real Christians, they are hard to recognise. (Like good spies, good tares can deceive many Christians!) Satan wants his tares to destroy the church, and to do this they need to be accepted as real Christians. They also try to work toward leadership responsibilities because that is how they will destroy the church: by leading the gullible Christians to destruction. Tares may often be found in positions of leadership in the church.

So briefly, a tare is a false teacher who has to look like he is a genuine real-deal Christian (or else he’ll be caught out). He will appear to teach good doctrine while really encouraging false doctrine. He will seek to establish common ground for agreement in order to build upon and extend that common ground with Christians into heresy. For example, the calvinist aggressively pushes the doctrine of the election of God’s people. Now the election (the choosing) is biblical, but once they have established that Christians should believe in the election, they will then tell you that the election is unconditional, which is the false extension of this teaching. God does choose an election; 1 Peter 1:2a says we are Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father but note that it is through the use of God’s foreknowledge (God’s perfect knowledge of the future). God offers salvation as a gift, and those who accept this gift by faith are foreknown by God who then puts them on His list of chosen ones (His elect ones).

The calvinist election lie is that God chooses his elect ones without foreknowledge, that God just selects a few for heaven and the rest for hell unconditionally. That is, there’s nothing you can do to change God’s choosing in any way. The Bible teaches an election conditional upon God’s foreknowledge of your choice; calvinists teach an election unconditional upon any decision you can ever make. The common ground is the election; the extra calvinist lie added on is that God does not use foreknowledge to determine your election.

Why do calvinists claim that calvinism is the gospel, yet preach the biblical gospel to the lost. Why don’t they preach the actual truth of calvinism to the lost until after they are saved? Calvinism teaches that you cannot respond to the gospel until after you are born again with new life by the Spirit (they call it “regenerated”). So why bother being saved if you already have eternal life before you can respond to the gospel and be saved? Why do calvinists hide from non-calvinists their teaching that the calvinist God decreed sin? Why are calvinists reluctant to admit that if their God’s will is the only will in the universe (and that man has no free will to choose good or evil), then their God has to have (ordained / created / decreed) all (evil / sin).

As MacArthur teaches (in his book The Vanishing Conscience)
Page 112 – Scripture clearly teaches that God is utterly sovereign over all things. Or, as the Westminster Confession says, “God from all eternity did, by the most wise and holy Counsel of His own will, freely and unchangeably ordain whatsoever comes to pass.” (Chap.3 Sec 1)
Page 113 – Ultimately, we must concede that sin is something God meant to happen. He planned for it, ordained it – or, in the words of the Westminster Confession, He decreed it. (Emphasis MacArthur’s)

You see, if calvinism is right, then man has been created incapable of choosing between good and evil. Man can not be permitted to have a will that may oppose the calvinist God’s will at any time. Therefore if sin exists, then the calvinist God must have created it. Calvinism cannot deny that this is their clear teaching. Therefore they are forced to teach that the calvinist God created sin in order to increase his glory, and that without sin God’s glory would have been less God-glorifying!
A world with no fall and no salvation is altogether less God-glorifying than a world with a tragic fall but also a wondrous salvation.

When is the last time you heard a calvinist teach the blasphemy that God created sin for His glory? And yet they have to either tell lies to deny this, or preferably just not mention it and hope you don’t ask awkward questions. And, if all mankind has been chosen for either heaven or hell before the beginning of the world, then what is the point of claiming to be so evangelical when their teaching is that no amount of evangelism can ever change the end-result? How often do you hear calvinists claim to be the most evangelical of all Christians, preaching the gospel to all mankind? And yet, if they are to be truthful, they must admit that they cannot preach to the lost that Jesus loves them when the calvinist Jesus probably didn’t die for any of their sins. As MacArthur says (in The Sacrifice that Satisfied): Jesus didn’t pay for the sins of the mob that screamed for His blood.
So the calvinist Jesus didn’t die for the sins of those whom He asked the Father to forgive for they knew not what they did? Clearly the calvinist Jesus didn’t think it was his responsibility to be the means of their forgiveness. Sounds like the calvinist Jesus and the calvinist Father are not in agreement with each other!

If a calvinist tries to convince you of his doctrines, he will often commence by establishing common ground. Beware of calvinists who say that we agree in some areas, or have some common ground for agreement. They are softening you up for the kill! Any common ground established will then be used to build lies upon. The common ground will be truth to which lies are added. It’s often difficult to deny the lie when it has some measure of truth in it, and the calvinist, like all cult-believers such as JWs, will know this well. Never be tempted to believe something because it has some measure of truth. Sift out the lies first. This requires that you know your Bible well for yourself and are able to discern lies from truth. If you do not understand what is said, do not agree but instead go away and meditate upon it. Ask God to give you clarity of thinking to determine His truth. But don’t ever be tempted to tentatively agree because they have established some measure of common ground.

Like all tares and cults, the establishing of common ground is essential in gaining the attention of non-cult members. JWs do it all the time. SDAs also will usually say they are Christian before admitting that they are SDA. It’s like getting a foot in the door. But don’t let them get a foot in the door. Don’t let their talk of common ground or “we have some agreement on this” or “even non-calvinists should affirm this much of this doctrine” or “for we both surely agree” or (an actual quote from an email) You say that man is totally unwilling to come to God (we agree there) but that it cannot be translated into total inability, you also say that no man can come to God unless God intervenes (we agree there as well) and you say that the intervention is through the gospel of Christ. But then the lie gets added on to the common ground: I say that scripture clearly states that man is also unable to come to Christ and that the intervention is through the Holy Spirit.

Calvinists can only really effectively teach their lies if they have established some measure of credibility, generally through the formation of common ground areas of agreement. Their lies cannot make sense unless attached to some truth that you have already agreed to. They will then agree to that truth of yours before building their lies upon it. This is calvinist tactics at their most devious. Be warned, be alert! Or as the Bible puts it: Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world. (1 Peter 5:8-9)

For a brief expose of calvinist lies, please go to this link at “Calvinisms”.

If you have any questions or comments about this information, please feel free to say it or give advice, by using the Contact page. Genuine comments will be recorded on the Comments page.

List of all my posts on this site.

If you wish to read other documents on the heresies of calvinism, please use this link.

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Comments and replies are recorded on the Comments page.

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