False gospels

When this website and facebook page was being setup, I had a number of Christians who were concerned about the site being used to put down ‘respected’ teachers and authors. The aim of course never being to do that. The aim is to ensure lies are exposed and truth is put out there. Ultimately, to ensure the true gospel is spread.

However, in the leadup to setting this page up, we were studying some of the books of prophecy in the old testament and also Romans in the new testament, and realised that a false gospel (or no gospel) teaching was moving into the local churches. This being calvinism. I never thought much about it when growing up, other than many christians in my circle told me they were a cult in the early days, then it turned into a different belief, and then many who were originally not calvinists but rather evangelical christians, were turning into calvinists. So the question had to be asked, did they test all things before they made this decision to move away from traditional evangelical doctrine to calvinist doctrines?

We started with MacArthur given his book called fundamentals of faith was being run at the church i had been going to. And also given he had a respected name amongst fundamentalists and independant baptists. Didnt take more than a few weeks to realise this man is a hyper calvinist. So the question was, if he is hyper calvinist then does his doctrine match up with the fundamentalist independant baptist doctrine I had been brought up on, which had traditionally followed the evangelical view in my part of the world.

His reading materials sounded good and spot on when only looking at the surface, which is all most people must do given most never question his teachings even if they arent calvinist. When you drilled down into his sermons that can be found on the GTY website, and specifically the ones regarding the gospel, atonement, salvation, you find he believes totally different to the traditional evangelical.

His gospel, which aligns with most calvinists I believe, is a gospel of God forces some to be elect and the rest He leaves to go to hell, apparently of their own choice, even though the calvinist gospel does not give the non-elect any choice at all and therefore they are saying in a nice way that God sends the non-elect to hell. He apparently pre-determines some to be elect because they are special (MacArthur is one of these who thinks he is special), and the rest pre-determined to goto hell.

Now this is not the gospel I know of in the Bible so obviously I test it. Does it fit in? Those who are blinded by the calvinist doctrines have become so because they have chosen to only listen to calvinist materials. They dont look at what the bible says, but rather what does the bible say according to MacArthur or whatever other calvinist teacher or author is out there.

Point in case is that MacArthur’s testimony is along the lines of always believing and he cant remember a time of conversion. John Calvin was the same. This is of course not an issue for calvinism as their gospel has very little to do with the cross of Jesus. The cross of Jesus paid the way for them, but then God chose them and they had nothing to do with their faith as it was a gift according to them. Of course when you test all these points, you find the Bible contradicts calvinism on so many levels that we find new contradictions every week without even looking for them.

I challenge you to test all things. Here is a new message posted on the website this weekend.


If you would like to know more about how to test all things and not rely on other men but rather the Bible, then email us.

Calvinism is a counterfeit Christian cult. It is actually carefully disguised Roman Catholicism. When you clean away all the false distractors that clutter calvinist teaching – for instance, their claims that their God is more sovereign, and that they are more Biblical than the rest – you will see t…
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