Truth and logic rule! Calvinists don’t!

It is apparent from the number of hits that this website is attracting people from a wide range of religious backgrounds. Many of them are certain to be calvinists looking for another victim to hit on. I have noticed that other non-calvinist websites often have a lot of angry and aggressive verbal attacks, with most of the calvinists defending calvinism largely by insulting the non-calvinist writer. Very few actually attempt to defend from Biblical grounds, and not one of those (that I have seen) has ever succeeded in demonstrating logically and truthfully their point of view from the Bible. Still, it seems that to be a non-calvinist is to attract the vitriol and ire of those self-appointed calvinist teachers who know everything (with the non-calvinist apparently knowing nothing!). In fact, one point seems to stand out in all of this: calvinists can never be wrong! No matter how carefully one might document the truth from the Bible, if it offends a calvinist, then the calvinist is always right.

I have spent more than a year now challenging calvinists. I have labelled them false teachers, cultists, counterfeit Christians, even demonic, and yet have had little opposition. (And even what opposition I’ve had hasn’t defined at any time just what it is that I’ve stated incorrectly. I have accused them of teaching oxymorons and have heard not a whimper from any self-respecting calvinist – are there any?). I’ve been accused of misrepresenting calvinists, and yet not one example of such has ever been documented. If I quote what other people say and use that to define their errors, then that can never be misrepresentation, especially when they’re the ones who make the statements that I use! I have been told that I am the problem, but what problem that might be I have no idea because it wasn’t defined at all. I have challenged calvinists to just try and refute what I say, using the Bible to support their accusations, yet not one has, to date, managed to refute even one of my accusations. Not one has made an effort to use the Bible to demonstrate my errors.

Is this the best that calvinists can do? Are they only able to refute those who have little grasp on Biblical doctrine and how it applies to calvinist teachings? And those out there who are genuine Biblical Christians: do you search the Scriptures daily to see if what others say is true? There’s one thing a calvinist seems to fear, and that is a Christian who knows his Bible well. If they think you have a good understanding of the Bible, they are unlikely to pick an argument with you. Or else they’ll just state what they want to say and totally ignore what you have to say. They just don’t seem to want to be drawn into a discussion on doctrines using the Bible alone in case they are left without any support for their stand, especially if you do know your Bible well. If you know your Bible well and refuse to let them introduce other calvinist “teachers” to demonstrate their beliefs, then they will usually pack up and leave, refusing to discuss things any further with you! Having a rule that says Sola Scriptura (the Bible alone) generally scares off the aggressive calvinist who might then be heard to say that you lack spiritual discernment and therefore just don’t understand!

So, this is for all those calvinists out there who think they’re right (and therefore I’m wrong). Just tell me where I’m wrong by demonstrating from Biblical truth the errors of my ways (my beliefs, that is). I have laid down the gauntlet; are there any who might just dare to take up this challenge? The ground rules are simple: only the Bible may be used in defining your particular brand of truth, and no Biblical verse or passage may be taken out of context or out of consistency with the rest of the Bible. Simple, isn’t it? It should be so easy for all you such knowledgeable calvinists!

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